How Is The Real Estate Market In Atlanta Georgia?

Atlanta Real EstateI wanted to take a look at the Real Estate Market In Atlanta Georgia and share with you the average selling price at this time and in the near future. These real estate market displays 6 months of data. The graph below is a great tool to visit and re-visit since it updates monthly. You can also scroll across the graph to take a look at last years numbers as well.

Single Family Home Average Selling Prices

Town Home Average Selling Prices

Condo / Attached Home Average Selling Prices

I chose to take a look at 3 Zip codes the are located together on the Map. The center Zip code is Decatur with the zip code, for this purpose being 30030. To the left (West) of Decatur is Lake Clair and that zip code used is 30307. To the right (East) is Avondale Estates.
Her you can see the average selling sales price for single family homes, the 2nd graph is townhomes sales and the third, condo or attached cottage style homes.

For even more Real Estate resources, since this includes 3 zip codes, here are the listings currently for sale within the 3 zip codes 30307, 30030, and 30002.

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